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Boyd 225 Series Aluminum CNC Machined Cap

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-Material =  CNC Machined 6061-T6 ALUM

- Threads = American Buttress Modified 5TPI

-Vented= Yes/ No  Based on your selection See Below notes about our vented cap.

-Lanyard = Yes, Stainless Steel 8” W Alum Crossbar

-Gasket = FKM Viton

This Cap Will Fit any of our 225 SERIES Necks in aluminum, Steel or Stainless.  it will also fit Kelch Brand 225 Necks.  Our cap May not fit Flambeau Plastic tanks.

*** Our Vented cap WILL LEAK. The cap is vented by machining a groove into the threads and below the gasket allowing the gasket to be bypassed. Tanks that are not stationary (Like in the back of a truck) will leak fuel as is sloshes back and forth.   We recommend using a NON Vented cap in all situations and utilize a vent port on the tank itself.

*** Bulk pricing (Minimum 100 PCS+) Available. Send us an email to with your QTY needs.