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100 Gallon 49 x 24 x 22 Tank W GPI 15GPM Pump Included

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Product Number: 13015
Tank Dimensions: 49"L x 24"W x 22"H
Tank Footprint: 49"L x 26"W
Tank Overall Height W/CAP:  24"H
Tank Thickness:  3/16"  (.190)
Material Grade: 5052 Mill Aluminum
Tank Baffles:  YES X2
Fill Cap: Boyd Machined Cap NON Vented 81037
Vent: 1/2" NPT
Draw: Custom EZ-Spin Adapter for GPI EZ-Spin Pumps
Sending Unit Flange:  YES
Return: NO  
Drain:  NO
Mounting Tabs: x4 2 x 2 Angle  4" Long
*Notch in tank only works with GPI M150S  12Volt pump EZ-SPIN MODELS


Items INCLUDED with this tank

  • GPI 12v 15GPM pump, hose and manual nozzle. CLICK HERE  for more info regarding the pump.
  • 1/2" NPT Rollover Vent
  • Mechanical Fuel Gauge


You will need to supply the following. 

  • Mounting Hardware
  • Permanent drain plugs or valves depending on your installation
  • Vent hose and small filter
  • Electrical connectors to wire the supplied cord to your battery source.
  • Brass Fittings are ok to use and is recommended.