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2" NPSM Female Thread to 2" Hose Barb Adapter

2" NPSM Female Thread to 2" Hose Barb Adapter

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The 2" NPSM Female Thread to 2" Hose Barb Adapter threads directly to any Boyd 2" NPSM or Standard 2" NPT pipe nipple and converts it to a 2" OD Hose Barb for 2" ID Hose. This is perfect for situations where the tank is in the back of a truck and you have a topper. or you have a tank that is within a piece of equipment and you need to route the filler to a convenient location.

Thread = 2" NPSM 11.5 TPI Thread

Gasket = Supplied Viton

hose Barb Size = 2" OD 

You will need to supply your own hose and hose clamps.

If you need a neck with a barb for the other end of your hose see SKU# 81004-RFH2-2.75

*** Overfilling the tank is possible with this product so ensure you properly monitor the filling and do not over fill your tank.  All Tanks should not be filled more than 95% of its capacity.

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Customer Reviews

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Keagan Chaney
Excellent quality aluminum pieces

I used the 2” Npsm female hose barb and the 2” npsm threaded neck to make a solid filler neck at the exact height I wanted. The height I wanted was flush with my bed floor and not below. These two pieces were cut and tig welded to the exact height needed. In stock form these two pieces would be too long for what I wanted.