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Aeromotive #18704 Phantom Apex 340 W jet siphon tube kit

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Aeromotive #18704 Phantom Apex 340 W jet siphon tube kit 

Features and Specifications:

  • 340lph version supports SKU#41018 Aeromotive#18704 – 595hp EFI / Forced Induction  and  725hp EFI / Naturally Aspirated
  • 450lph version supports SKU# 41019 Aeromotive#18705 – 700hp EFI / Forced Induction and 975hp EFI / Naturally Aspirated
  • Low Profile, black anodized, CNC machined top-hat and stainless steel fuel pump hanger assembly
  • ORB-06 Ports – complete with supply, return and vent
  • Fuel resistant baffle / basket (Includes: Foam and Bladder)
  • Integral high flow pre-pump filter
  • Flexible design can be cut to height to fit almost any fuel tank
  • Turbine pump mechanism offers quiet pump operation, high flow capacity and increased durability.
  • Can be used return style with bypass regulator with or without vacuum/boost reference.
  • Fully compatible with return-less fuel systems using pulse modulated FPDM for pressure control.
  • This product is not legal for sale or use on emission-controlled vehicles except when used as a direct replacement part matching OEM specifications.
  • Phantom Bladder Baffles Check Valves recommended for return-less, pulse modulated systems.

The Apex Phantom leverages Aeromotive’s, advanced, patent-pending Apex Jet-Siphon technology to provide a continuous supply of cool fuel into the Phantom Bladder.  Able to draw fuel from any alternate location in the tank, or from an auxiliary “saddle-bag” tank, the bladder surrounding the pump stays full and the engine has proper fuel flow and pressure regardless of g-forces or vehicle attitude, eliminating engine fuel starvation and related drivability problems.

Ideal for a return style, or a return-less pulse modulated fuel system, the Phantom Apex system is perfect for a daily driver or for all out competition in the most extreme applications; from road racing to running hard in the dunes; for an all-out “BAJA 1000” or “King of the Hammers” , the Phantom Apex is at the heart of a modern, state-of-the-art fuel system.

In true, PWM (Pulse Width Modulated) return-less systems common to late model GM and MOPAR performance engines the Phantom Apex excels, especially when using the appropriate Bladder Baffle kit, allowing the pump to be run without overheating or stalling even at idle and light load, without a regulator or return line, while ensuring the system maintains perfect pressure. This product is not legal for sale or use on emission-controlled vehicles except when used as a direct replacement part matching OEM specifications.

Aeromotive’s Apex Phantom kits are highly recommended for most tanks, including saddle-bag tanks. The Apex Phantom opens the door to OEM convenience but with high horsepower fuel flow rates that only Aeromotive pumps can provide. With the Aeromotive Apex jet siphon your Phantom System will have a continuous supply of fuel from the off-tank or saddle-bag tank into both the Phantom baffle and then overflow into the main tank, so the main tank stays full until the off-tank is empty.  Plus you’ll never have to worry about the Apex re-priming thanks to the ingenious, patent-pending jet siphon design that automatically floods and primes the pump, regardless of whether it gets a gulp of air when the off-tank is low, or even if the off tank runs dry before you get it refilled.

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