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Aluminum Blind Threaded Boss With Shoulder LARGE

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Material: 6061 Aluminum CNC Machined
OD(A): 1.00” +/-
OD (B): .730” +/-
Flange Thickness: .250” +/-
Overall Length = 1.00” +/-
Installed height= .250” +/-
Threads: 5/16-18 / 3/8-16 / 1/2-13 Choose Options Below
Tank Hole Cut Size: .730”MIN / 1.00” MAX
-This fitting must be welded in
-This fitting is threaded blind so there will be no need to seal the threads
-This will provide threaded provisions in your assembly perfect for bolting steps, enclosures and other components.
- Could be welded to the inside of a tank to provide a perfectly flush threaded fitting that wont leak.