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OEM Pump Adapter for Dodge / Chrysler

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SKU 28007

CNC Machined flange to adapt an OEM Dodge / Chryler in-tank pump assembly. You will re-use the stock pump gasket and plastic threaded lock nut.

Adapter Specs:

Material: 6061-T6 CNC Machined
OD of weld Flange = 7.750" +/-
OD Across threads = 6.015" +/-
ID OF Opening = 5.500" +/-
Total height of adapter installed = 1.437" +/-
Thread = 4 TPI Modified AM Butress

Installation Requirements

-Weld on flange requires welding. This should only be performed to BRAND NEW tanks. DO NOT WELD TO A TANK THAT HAS PREVIOUSLY HAD FUEL IN IT.
-Bolt on version comes with hardware and an under ring with RIV-NUTS and can be used on any tank material. a Gasket IS NOT included, you will need to make you own gasket.
-Top of tank installation, not recommended for submersion.