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73-87 C10 Bed Fill EFI Aluminum Tank W Aeromotive 340 In tank pump

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Approx 19 Gallons
* Pictures may show optional accessories installed. depending upon the options you choose your tank may vary slightly from shown.

-Tank Dimensions: 26.5 x 19 x 10
- Tank Material: .125 Aluminum
- 2" Bed Fill, 3" tall
- 1/2" NPT Vent
- 3/8" NPT Return
- #6 ORB fitting outlet on pump system
- 3 Baffles
-Approx 19 Gallons
- This tank includes the Aeromotive Stealth 340 in-tank pump mounted to our fabricated aluminum bracket
Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How Far down are the mounting tabs?
A: The dimensions vary to match the contour of the frame

Q: How Tall is the fill neck?
A: The fill neck is approx 3" tall.

Q: Are there Baffles in the Tank?
A: Yes, There are 3 baffles in the tank.

Q: What is the Roll Over Safety Vent? Do i need it?
A: The Rollover Safety Vent is a simple ball check valve device that will allow the tank to vent when in the normal operating position. In the event of an accident causing a rollover the ball will drop and block off the vent port so that fuel does not leak out. For safety I would always recommend purchasing the Rollover Safety vent option.
Q:  Can i purchase only the hanger bracket and install my own pump?
 A:  No, our bracket assemblies are not availible to purchase seperate without pumps installed. 
Q:  Do you sell the parts to fabricate my own hanger assembly?
A:  No, these parts are not availible for individual purchase.